Dentures come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors and fits. There are even different types of teeth that get used to achieve the ideal finished product. So if you’re in the market for a pair of dentures, you probably want to know about the different types of teeth you can choose from. These options are known as economy, deluxe and premium. Let’s take a closer look at economy teeth.

The main draw of economy teeth for many people is that they are the most affordable, by far. Obviously, everyone appreciates saving a buck. However, this is especially important for people with mouths that need many teeth. If you’re just missing one or two, you might be able to justify throwing more money at the issue. However, most adults have 32 teeth and many need the majority of them replaced. Thus, having an economy option can mean a lot.

Furthermore, economy teeth tend to accompany immediate dentures. These are the type people choose when they want to walk in a dentist’s office with missing teeth and leave with a brand new smile. Many dental practices actually have economy teeth on hand so they can fit someone with dentures that same day.

Not everyone uses economy teeth as a permanent solution. Often when people want dentures same day it’s because of an accident or a necessary operation that leaves them with teeth missing. Economy teeth not only gives them their smile back immediately, but can help stave off further bleeding and keep the remainder of their teeth in place.

Usually, it’s the dentist who is in charge of selecting the economy teeth to use. They’ll pick the size and color they feel is best for the patient’s mouth. For this reason, it’s incredibly important you always choose an experienced professional who has a good reputation. Once immediate dentures are in, they need to stay put for at least four months if they’re to help the mouth recover from a recent trauma. Also, economy teeth tend to have fewer shades to choose from than deluxe or premium options.

So if you’re in need of dentures, rest assured you can find an option that will fit your budget. Economy teeth are very affordable, but don’t lack for quality. Best of all, you can have economy teeth fit for dentures within the same day, whether you need 1 or 30. Just make sure you’re dealing with an experienced professional with a reputable background.


If you’re in the market to purchase dentures, it’s probably a fair assumption that you only want the best possible option. So take your time looking into materials and professionals who can prepare them for you. One area you’ll definitely want to research is the actual artificial teeth that will be used. Obviously, they are the entire point of the dentures themselves and their most glaring feature. No matter how comfortable or durable they are, if the teeth themselves don’t pull off the finished look, you’ll have spent a lot of money for nothing.

There are three categories of teeth used for dentures:

    • • Economy
    • • Deluxe
    • • Premium

Many people are attracted to that middle of the road option, so let’s take a look at that one now. If/when you need dentures, deluxe teeth may be a good place to start with your own shopping.

Deluxe teeth are highly favored for really delivering in each important category. First, they’re extremely durable. So they can withstand a reasonable amount of impact, just like the real thing. However, this durability also means deluxe teeth can put up a fight against elements that would otherwise stain the genuine article. This is always important, but it will be even more so for those who drink a lot of black coffee, red wine and/or smoke. Stained dentures aren’t a look anyone wants and it can sometimes be difficult to get them clean again.

You also get a very natural look with deluxe teeth. For the majority of people, this may be the most important factor of their new teeth, even more so than durability and stain-resistance. It’s understandable, of course. With deluxe teeth, you’ll get more options in terms of size and color than you would with the economy version.

Depending on where you get your dentures made, deluxe teeth may be available the same day you walk in. Again, this isn’t always the case. In emergencies where you need dentures the same day for health issues or aesthetic demands, you may need to wear economy dentures in the meantime, while you wait for your preferred deluxe teeth.

The price will also depend on where you get your dentures from, but deluxe teeth tend to go for about $600. This makes them just a little less than twice as much as the economy option, but most would agree the advantages justify it for such an important purchase.


Purchasing dentures is a big decision. Obviously, so long as you can afford them, it’s a no-brainer. Everyone wants a complete smile they can be proud of. However, it’s not something you can just go and buy from the department store. Getting the best possible dentures takes a lot of consideration. There are the teeth to think about, for example. Not all of them are the same and if you pick without thinking, you won’t be too eager to show off your new smile. For the most part, there are three types to choose from:

    • • Economy
    • • Deluxe
    • • Premium


Out of these three options, premium is by far the best. Let’s take a look at why.

The first thing you’ll probably notice about someone wearing premium teeth dentures is actually nothing at all. That’s because premium teeth are by far the most authentic looking on the market. Unless you already knew someone had dentures, premium teeth would never give them away. Considering all of the sizes and shades you have to choose from, it’s not hard to see why they pull off their final look so well.

On top of that, premium teeth are also the most durable option available. You don’t want to go to all the trouble of having your dentures made and spending good money on them only to have a small impact cause problems for you. They can also stand up to the normal wear and tear teeth have to suffer through on a daily basis: chewing, acid, biting shut, etc.

However, their durability also pertains to stain-resistance. Just like real teeth, dentures can become stained from coffee, red wine, cigarettes and other products. Sometimes these stains can be cleaned off, but sometimes, again just like with the real thing, you’re stuck with the new pigment.

A fairly involved process is necessary to set premium dentures in order to get the preferred look. First, the dentist will need to take an acrylic mold of your mouth, match it with wax and then set the teeth in one by one. This needs to be done in a very specific manner to ensure your bite will line up and the dentures won’t cause you any discomfort.

Premium dentures will cost you around $900, depending on who prepares them for you, but most would agree that’s worth it for perhaps the best options on the market. Between their appearance and durability, these are an easy choice

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