Understanding Denture Relines

UnderstandingLong Island is home to over 7 million people, and a huge number of them live in the Franklin Square area. The population is very diverse here, but one thing almost everyone will need eventually is dental care. One aspect of denture care that may need to be dealt with is the fitting of and use of dentures. At Island Dental Associates we can help fit you for dentures and fabricate a great set of them. However, over time you may have to deal with an issue that could require denture relining.

Denture relines are an issue that occur over time through the regular use of dentures. As you use your dentures, there will be a gradual change in them. Things like fluid or adhesive buildup, gradual shape changes due to chewing and regular use, and much more could lead to problems with your dentures – specifically, with their fit. As this problem occurs, the fit of your dentures wont’ be what it once was. Improper fits can lead to serious discomfort when wearing the dentures and also lead to loose dentures since it may be difficult to get a good seal between the gums and the dentures.

As such, denture relines will need to be handled by a qualified dental professional. There are two options here:

• A soft reline occurs when a dentist will work on your current set of dentures while you’re still in the office. It’s used for minor issues and won’t take much time or effort to repair.

• A hard reline occurs when the dentures have to be recast. Your mouth measurements will be taken again and the shape of it will be recast. Then the mold will be sent to a dental lab along with the dentures. This is similar to the initial fitting process you went through to get your dentures, but won’t be as expensive since the entire denture set isn’t being redone.

Either way, the process is one you might need to face and one that you should trust to a professional. A good fit is one of the most important aspects of dentures, and you’ll want to make certain that you take the time to get the kind of fit you deserve.

Contact us today to find out more about your options and find out how we can help with your denture relines quickly and affordably.