Understanding The Process of Denture Relines

Once the gums and jaw bones are no longer supporting natural teeth they can change shape and shrink. Patients who were fitted for dentures several years ago may begin to notice that their dentures are fitting looser than they were in the beginning. Denture relining is a process where the portion of the denture that is located closest to the gum area has the lining replaced with new lining. The new lining is then contoured so that the denture fits the gums properly.

When dentures are relined they allow the dentures to fit closer to the gums and reduce the amount of irritation of the gums and movement of the dentures. Dentures that fit snug on the gums are also more resistant to damage. Relining also prevents food and other particles from entering under the dentures and sticking to the gums.

There are several types of denture relines that dentist can offer patients.

Temporary Denture Reline

Temporary relines are also known as tissue conditioner. It is a silicone gel that is designed to last no longer than four months. This procedure is typically performed on patients who have had most or all of their natural teeth removed, or it can be used to help improve gum tissue health before new dentures are applied.

Direct Reline

A direct reline procedure is also known as a chair side reline procedure. The material is placed in the denture and then the denture is placed in the patient’s mouth so that it can ‘set’. This is not considered a long term solution either for loose fitting issues.

Processed Reline

This is considered a more permanent procedure due to the type of materials that are used and how precise the fit is. The procedure can take up to 7 hours to complete, and most dentists that provide this service has in-house labs make the impressions of the patient’s dentures.

A denture reline may be a viable option for you if you have not had your dentures relined in the past several years, or you have started to notice that your dentures do not fit as well as they once did. Relines are a necessary part of denture maintenance and vital to the oral health of a patient.