Understanding The Process Of Physiological Changes

Understanding The Process Of Physiological ChangesHaving any type of dental replacement can result in significant changes in a person’s life. This can also be highly dependent on the type of replacement that is acquired, as this can also contribute to possible long-term issues. However, even without any dental alterations, the body does continue to develop over the course of the lifespan, and this can further make dental replacement concerns a pressing issue.

Teeth, Bones, And Gums

Partial dentures can sometimes present the most challenges for people, since the surrounding teeth, and underlying gums and bones can be greatly impacted by the prosthetic. Traditional bridges anchor to the surrounding teeth, and this presents a number of concerns:

  • Teeth need to be healthy enough to act as anchor
  • Anchor wires can irritate gums and cause loosening of teeth
  • People with crowding or with small space for replacement may suffer bone damage

For people with full dentures, the challenges can be slightly different. Two of the largest concerns are slippage and gum irritation. In this case, the two factors can often be related, although gum irritation can also be a sign of other conditions. However, the reason slippage is so common has less to do with how the dentures are fabricated, and more to do with the fact that the palate will shift over time. The result is often that relining is necessary.

What is important for people to realize is that even as the body changes, certain methods for tooth replacement do take this into account. At Island Dental Associates in Franklin and Shine Dental Associates in Syosset, we use dental implants and mini-dental implants to address the above issues that Long Island residents with full or partial dentures have. This includes fabrication and emergency work, but it also allows for us to fully see to our patients’ best oral health.

Whether you are interested in finding out more about how dental implants can improve your life, or whether you need immediate denture repair or fabrication, we urge you to contact us, and let us professionally attend to the changes that are happening in your mouth.