What Are Partial Dentures, And Benefits of Having Them?

Partial dentureA denture is a removable or spare set of any number of teeth which is placed in place of naturally occurring teeth, mainly due to tooth loss. Dentures come in two categories, permanent and conventional dentures.

If only one or two teeth have been lost and need replacing, partial dentures then come in handy. A partial denture is a replacement tooth that comes with plastic base and takes the position of the already lost tooth.  The plastic base has to be in the same color as the patient’s gum otherwise it will seem misplaced.

Unlike fixed dentures where a crown is cemented on the gum these partial dentures are removable and patients are advised to remove them during the night or when taking a nap.  Partial dentures are handy for persons who have lost some teeth on either the upper or lower jaw, or replacement of the same for evenness.

The main reason why partial dentures are important is that they fill up the space left by lost tooth, thus show a general flow of teeth and dental formation. In addition to this, these dentures also prevent the remaining teeth from growing out of place; hence avoid a malocclusion (disarranged teeth and bites) on the patient.

An interesting fact about dentures is that, they have an almost natural look, thus very hard to pinpoint that one is wearing one. Moreover, these dentures do not interfere with the dental formation, nor are they heavy or uncomfortable to have on.  If you have already lost some teeth due to cavities, surgery, anemia or any other misfortune, you can have your smile back thanks to these dentures.