What Are Partial Dentures?

What Are Partial Dentures?While teeth can go missing for a myriad of reasons, sometimes not all teeth are effected. For patients who are missing certain sections of teeth, but not all, we at Island Dental Associates often recommend partial dentures to restore a person’s smile and oral function. Partial dentures are exactly as they sound; they are made up of small sections of teeth rather than an entire set, and can help a person to restore function to the areas of the mouth which may be in need of restoration.

How Do Partial Dentures Work?

Partial dentures will often be fitted to a metal bridge or frame to be held securely in the mouth, and these can be either removable or permanent depending on the patient’s unique situation. The partial denture will also be fitted to a gum-colored plastic base to allow the denture to look natural, and the teeth attached are completely functional in terms of speaking and chewing confidently.

Why Should I Choose Partial Dentures?

Not only do partial dentures restore chewing and speaking capabilities to those missing a section of teeth, but they can also help to save the natural teeth that remain. When teeth go missing, adjacent teeth will often begin to shift and move to take up the extra space, and this can cause them to loosen to sustain damage as well. When the teeth move, this can also effect a person’s natural bite, causing discomfort or other dental complications.

Partial dentures help to keep natural teeth in their proper place, and they give teeth which may wish to move no place to go, thereby helping to save a person’s remaining natural teeth in a healthy and functional way.

What Types Of Partial Dentures Are Available?

Different patients will be best suited for different types of partial dentures due to their own unique situation. Partial dentures can be permanent, removable, with the removable versions needing some type of adhesive to keep them in place during the course of use.