What Are The Benefits Of Flexible Dentures?

What Are The Benefits Of Flexible Dentures?There are many individuals currently living in Long Island that are denture wearers and are patients at one of our two facilities. Although some of them have been wearing their dentures for quite some time and have had no complaints about them, others feel a certain degree of discomfort. Most dentures have a hard acrylic liner which comes into contact with their gums as they hold their dentures in place. So chewing can oftentimes cause a bit of pain.

Fortunately, Island Dental Associates in Franklin Square and Shine Dental Associates in Syosset can fabricate flexible dentures, some in the same day. These dentures are softer and can eliminate some of the discomfort and annoyances that traditional ones typically cause. Additionally, their growing popularity is attributed to the fact that their aesthetic appeal and comfort has become more important to patients than the actual cost of traditional dentures.

Drawbacks To Wearing Traditional Dentures

The longer you where your full dentures or partial dentures, the more difficult it becomes to keep them in place. This is due primarily due to the fact that the mouth’s structure is continually changing while the jawbone and gum tissues shrink during the aging process. Both of these issues make it increasingly more difficult chew your food and keep these prosthetics in place. Consequently, denture wearers are constantly having to purchase some type of dental adhesive to keep their dentures from slipping out of place.

Benefits Of Flexible Dentures

Compared to regular full dentures or partial dentures, there are a number of benefits that soft fit flexible provide such as:

  • Almost unbreakable and very durable (dropping them will not break or damage them)
  • Can be fabricated in half the time of traditional dentures
  • Flexible coating or liner
  • Have a flexible coating or liner which gives the dentures a softer feel
  • Prevents bacteria from building up because the liner is non-porous
  • Wearers can eat harder, rougher foods including apples and nuts

Granted, flexible dentures have a slightly higher cost than traditional dentures. However, you cannot put a price on the comfort that is gained by wearing soft fit flexible dentures.

If you have grown tired of the discomfort and other annoyances of regular dentures, Island Dental Associates and Shine Dental Associates can fabricate a set of flexible dentures for you. For more information regarding flexible dentures or to schedule an appointment for evaluation, contact us today at either of our two facilities.