What Can Our Denture Repair Lab Do For You?

denture repair long islandIf you are a denture owner you may be familiar with dental appliance repair labs, but unsure of the services they provide or if they are a safe choice for services. Perhaps you are wary of going to anyone but your dental professional for fixes or maybe you’re uneasy with mailing your appliance to a lab. Whatever the reason, we have your solution because our two Nassau County Long Island offices – Island Dental Associate in Franklin Square and Shine Dental Associates in Syosset both have on-site denture repair labs which can take care of all your denture needs from same day repairs and relines to same day partial or full denture fabrication.

Denture Repair Services Offered at Our Dental Labs on Long Island

In the simplest terms, a denture repair laboratory will repair dentures. A lab offers the same services that you might find at your dental office. Labs can:

Restore or replace full or partial dental sets
Repair a tooth or replace it
Create duplicate or spare appliances
Clean and polish your set
O-ring and attachment replacement
Provide quick turnaround
Be a very cost-effective solution

Services can include fixing broken or loose teeth, cracks or fractures, mending a denture that has broken in half or undoing the damage done by do-it-yourself kits and home remedies such as superglue.

Once again, our on-site dental labs do more than simply fix broken dental appliances. We actually fabricate, or build, the appliances on site, which means we work with all kinds of dentures and all kinds of materials day in and day out.

The professional service at a our labs include highly trained and certified dental technicians who use the best quality materials. In all cases, our dentists are on site to examine the sets that come in, identify any potential problems with them, ensure mending is done properly and handle any special circumstances that may arise. Since our labs specialize in dentures, we always have the necessary materials on hand to fix any problem.

There is no waiting for supplies to come in like there might be with other Long Island dental offices who have to send out their denture repairs. By coming to either of our offices you can eliminate the “middleman” in this situation, get your teeth back faster and potentially save yourself hundreds of dollars.

We take pride in stating that our two Long Island denture repair labs can repair your dentures the same day they are received. So, if you’re looking for high-quality denture repair on Long Island or just need to repair a tooth the professionals at either Island Dental Associates in Franklin Square or Shine Dental Associates in Syosset will handle your order quickly and safely.