What Foods Can I Eat With My New Dentures?

What Foods Can I Eat With My New Dentures?If you have recently been fitted with dentures, you should give your mouth time to adjust to your new teeth as it is going to feel very different initially. During your adjustment period, your jaw muscles and tongue are going to be learning to adjust to your new dentures and keep them in place. As a result, you may experience some soreness in certain areas of your gums. You may also notice an increase in your saliva. Since this is an adjustment period, you should be eating softer foods that are not sticky.

Foods That You Can Enjoy

Examples of foods that you can eat while your gums and mouth are adjusting to your new full dentures include softer fresh fruits and vegetables such as avocados and bananas. You should also consider adding fruit smoothies to your diet at this time. As time passes you will be able to add more foods to your diet. Many of our patients have told us that they were eating many of the foods that they were used to prior to getting fitted with their new dentures in no time. This included certain cooked meats and vegetables as well as pasta and rice. You may have to cut certain foods in smaller pieces, but you’ll be able to eat them without any grief.

Foods That You Should Avoid

Despite the fact that you will eventually be able to enjoy most of the foods that you did in the past, there are still certain foods that Denture Repair of Long Island recommends you should avoid. When you initially get your dentures, we will probably instruct you not to eat nuts, raw vegetables, and other hard foods while your gums and mouth are adjusting to your new teeth. Some patients have told us that these types of foods are difficult to chew and you will be risking damage to your dentures.

Additional Considerations

We also recommend that you skip chewing gum, drinking hot liquids, and eating saltwater taffy during the adjustment period. Not only are these difficult to chew and drink, they can cause your dentures to slip out of place and get stuck to them as well. Be sure that you ask your Denture Repair of Long Island dentist about the foods that are okay to eat and the ones you need to avoid. Please contact us today for more information.