What Seniors Must Know About Fixing Loose Dentures

What Seniors Must Know About Fixing Loose DenturesMany seniors do not make efforts to fix loose dentures. This is often either because they do not feel a need to or are concerned about how long the process will take. However, failure to fix loose dentures could cause a host of long-term oral health problems, as highlighted below.

Why Do Dentures Become Loose?

Even if you make efforts to preserve your oral health, your dentures will likely loosen with time. That’s because as we age, the bone in our mouth shrinks. This is a natural occurrence, and there is nothing we can do to prevent it. As the bone in your mouth shrinks, your dentures will become loose.

Problems Associated With Loose Dentures

As your dentures loosen, they will begin to grind against your gums. Doing so could cause sore spots and areas that are prone to infection and blistering. Additionally, you will likely find that you are not able to chew your food as well. You will probably hear a snapping noise when you are eating your food. This could not only cause stomach problems but could increase your risk of choking as well.

Furthermore, you’ll likely find it much more difficult to speak clearly if your dentures do not fit well. You may begin talking with a lisp or as though you are slurring your speech. If you do not fix your dentures, these problems could become permanent.

Same-Day Dentures Are Available

There are dentists in the Long Island area that provide same-day dentures and one-hour denture repair. Thanks to these providers, seniors will hardly be inconvenienced as the dentist fixes their loose dentures. Taking the time to visit a dentist offering one-hour denture repair could help seniors preserve their oral health.