What To Do If Your Dentures Are In Need Of Repair

What To Do If Your Dentures Are In Need Of RepairDuring the course of their lifetime, all dentures will find themselves in need of repair. In order to ensure that your dentures are well fitting and well-functioning, repair is one method of care that is an absolute necessity. Although you may not realize it, dentures are tasked with quite a bit of work throughout the day, and through eating and chewing, your dentures can take quite a bit of a beating throughout the course of their lives. At Island Dental Associates, we provide all types of denture repairs to our Long Island area patients, as we want to make sure that your dentures are working safely and properly just as you’d like them to!

If you find yourself in need of denture repair, any DIY projects on your dentures are never recommended. In order to have the peace of mind that your dentures are safe and functioning properly, these repairs should always be left to dental professionals with experience in correctly repairing any set of dentures. Poor attempts at home denture repair can result in tissue damage, pain, discomfort, or infection, even if the necessary repair appears to be a simple one.

There are many different things that can lead to denture repair, and these can range from the simple breaking of a tooth during chewing, to the need for a reline due to the changing nature of the gum line. For broken or chipped teeth, the individual tooth portion of the denture will often be repaired and restored to its original look and function, giving the wearer a natural looking and working tooth once again. If a relining is needed, this will involve molds being taken of the mouth to ensure the new lining of the dentures fit properly, but it is always best to see a dental professional before deciding just what type of repairs may be necessary.

If an at-home denture repair is attempted, this can actually cause a person a more complicated and expensive repair in the long run. Not only will the dental professional need to fix what initially caused the need for repair, but they will also need to remedy the patient’s work at home repair as well, leading to a more complicated situation than what may have been initially necessary.

At Island Dental Associates, we can perform all types of denture repair for our Long Island area patients, and you can trust that your dentures have been repaired to the highest possible standard!