When And Why You Should Seek out Denture Repair

When And Why You Should Seek out Denture RepairWhile it is true that you won’t get cavities in your dentures as you would with your natural teeth, that doesn’t mean that your dentures are a once and done process. With dentures, it’s important to take note of the health of your false teeth and to take care of any necessary repairs that may arise, as this can help you to save money by prolonging the life of your dentures. A small denture repair will be less costly than a full denture replacement, so frequent denture inspection and prompt repairs are always recommended.

At Island Dental Associates, we recommend having dentures replaced once every 5 to 7 years, but you’ll want to keep your dentures in good standing within this time frame. Denture repair is something that should only be overseen by a dental professional, and home denture repairs are something that can greatly damage the structure of your dentures and could even cause you pain. Home denture repairs can, and will, often lead to discomfort, pain, and even infection, which are all things that can cause a much bigger problem than a simple need for professional repair.

As we age, our jawline structure will begin to change, and this is a natural process that is unavoidable. In these instances, you may require a new reline for your dentures to ensure they are able to continue to fit properly and without discomfort, and this is a very common cause for the need of denture repair. While chewing, you may also chip or damage the structure of the teeth attached to your dentures, and while a simple home fix may seem like a good solution, the only way to ensure a safe and effective chewing ability is to have the dentures repaired by a professional dentist.

At Island Dental Associates, we fix, reline, rebase, and refabricate all types of dentures for our Long Island area patients, and we give you the opportunity to get your dentures back quickly. For those with dentures, going without your teeth can be a stressful process, so we always strive to get you your dentures back in a prompt and convenient fashion. If your dentures are in need of repair, our dental professionals can get your dentures back into good shape, simply call us today at Island Dental Associates for a consultation!