Where Appearance And Health Intersect

Where Appearance And Health IntersectDental and oral health can be the culmination of a number of factors. Some aspects of oral health come down to genetics, while others may be attributed to lifestyle factors. Since all of these variables can impact dentition in different ways, it can also result in a number of manifest situations that need to be addressed for both better health and better appearance.

At Shine Dental Associates in Syosset and Island Dental Associates in Franklin Square, we have worked with a number of clients who have required varying degrees of cosmetic dentistry and full or partial denture fabrication. One of our clients presented an interesting concern that became an ongoing challenge until the appropriate solution was reached.

Even Healthy Teeth Need Help

This particular client had very strong and very healthy teeth, as well as a moderately good routine for oral hygiene. For the most part, this afforded her the luxury of simply coming in for routine cleanings with very little concern. However, she had worked on fishing boats in her youth, and suffered some surface damage to her front incisors when a cable snapped and hit her in the mouth.

The damage had been initially corrected through cosmetic measures, with a surface filling. Over the years, the nodding on this filling came loose, and fell out. This left a slightly noticeable divot in her front tooth, although it did not cause her discomfort and did not seem to be a source of major concern. She had it surface filled again to solve the problem.

The second time the surface filling came loose, the client had come in to see about getting it bonded. At this point, we noticed that she had developed hairline cracks from the pressure of the several surface fillings that were done. Again, the client presented no pain, and the tooth was otherwise healthy. The client made the decision to forgo the cosmetic work and just leave it be, as we were all concerned about further cracking.

Emergencies Can Generate Solutions

About a year after this event, the client came in on an emergency visit, as the tooth in question had actually cracked in half, with part of it still in the jaw bone while the other part had fallen out and been lost. The root portion still presented as healthy, but obviously the matrix integrity had been compromised.

At this point, the client had decided to have the rest of the tooth pulled, and opted for a dental implant and a fabricated replacement tooth. While the remainder of the tooth had been in good condition, everyone felt that it would be wiser to simply go with a prosthetic. Since her jaw bone was healthy, it made the implantation process much simpler, and she was able to have a temporary fabrication that same day.

This unique situation allowed us to help our client in several ways:

  • Emergency services
  • Dental implants
  • Same day fabrication
  • Cosmetic dentistry

The client ended up being quite happy with the appearance and the function of the dental implant and the replacement tooth, and actually had no further issues with the old injury to her dentition.

Whether you have a special case or a simple case, we encourage clients to call for an appointment or a consultation in order to evaluate dental needs. As this client’s experience well illustrates, even healthy teeth can require either cosmetic or replacement services. Having a check-up and evaluation can not only give you peace of mind, but can also allow you to weigh your options about the best way to proceed for your appearance and your health.