Why Do I Want Same Day Dentures?

Why Do I Want Same Day Dentures? Same day dentures, or immediate dentures, are dentures that a patient can receive on the same day teeth are removed for replacement. Same day dentures are dentures that patients don’t need to wait before receiving, and for those who need partial or full dentures, they can provide a number of benefits that cause one to choose same day dentures over the alternatives they may need to wait for. Conventional dentures take about two weeks to prepare, and this is two weeks without the teeth you need.

The main benefit of same day dentures, and the reason many opt for this when available is that you don’t need to go without missing your teeth for any long period of time. With conventional dentures, you’ll need the typical 2 weeks for the dentures to be created, but this is after a couple of weeks your gums will need to heal before being fitted for the dentures to be made. What this amounts to is up to around a month while missing some or all of your teeth, and this can make eating difficult as well as hinder your self-confidence. Same day dentures eliminate both of these things, and you will walk out of your dental office the same day you walked in with a new set of teeth.

When compared to conventional dentures, same day dentures are priced similarly. They may be priced around 10% higher than conventional dentures, but this is due to the extra labor and technology needed to create the denture in just a matter of hours. For many, this simple and small cost difference is worthwhile if it means you do not have to go a month missing a portion or all of your teeth.

If a patient still has some of their natural teeth, and they’re looking for partial dentures, same day dentures also allow dental professionals to better match the color and shape of teeth they are able to see right there still in the mouth. The result is often a more natural looking denture that many won’t be able to differentiate from their natural teeth, giving them a seamless look to their new smile.

A same day denture is also able to minimize bleeding in some cases, as they are inserted quickly after extraction and act to protect the gum tissues lying underneath. When these tissues are protected, patients can eat shortly after their extractions, and not have to worry about re-irritating the gums and causing the bleeding to come back.