Why You Should Reline Your Dentures

Why You Should Reline Your Dentures Over time the shape of your mouth changes, which can impact the way your dentures fit. If you have recently felt slipping or rubbing, you probably need to contact your dentist to fix loose dentures. Your trusted Long Island dentist can easily reline dentures, ensuring a comfortable fit.

Why You Need To Reline Dentures

The mouth of every denture-wearer will shift over time because dentures simply provide an aesthetic replacement for a missing tooth. The jawline below the missing tooth will eventually recede because it does not have a functioning purpose. This is expected and normal for denture wearers.

The one main result of this is that the shape of the mouth will shift ever-so-slightly. The fit of your dentures is very sensitive. If your mouth shifts by just a few millimeters, it will impact the fit of your dentures.

Dentures that do not fit properly will be uncomfortable and could create future dental complications. Dentures that do not fit properly can rub against your gums, causing gum lines to recede. This will expose healthy teeth. Healthy teeth will become more sensitive and more vulnerable to cavities and decay.

It’s easy for your dentist to reline your dentures, but failing to do so may mean you’ll have to order a whole new set of dentures. A denture reline is far more affordable than having to order a new pair.

Soft Relines v. Hard Relines

Your dentist will likely present two options to reline dentures.

Soft relines are the more common method of relining because of the added comfort they provide. Your dentist can add cushion and support to your dentures with a soft reline. A soft denture reline uses a pliable material that is more forgiving than the hard material found in your original pair of dentures.

A hard reline, on the other hand, will recreate the base of your original dentures. This is typically considered more permanent and may be recommended if your dentist feels as though your teeth won’t shift much in the future.

Have Your Relines Done While You Wait

Island Dental in Franklin Square features a full service, same-day denture repair lab on site. A quick trip to the office can have your dentures fixed in no time. The denture repair lab can reline dentures in less than an hour, and the trusted team of professionals will make sure your dentures fit perfectly before you leave.