Your Diet With Dentures

Your Diet With DenturesYou’ve finally taken the plunge and gotten a full set of dentures. We know that there is a part of you that feels different, but relieved. You no longer have to worry about missing teeth; you can speak clearly again, you can smile without feeling embarrassed, and you can look forward to chewing with a full set of teeth instead of sporadic gaps and molars here-and-there.

The only thing that you worry about is what you can, and what you can’t, eat with your dentures. Some of the foods you love can still be enjoyed, but in different ways, while some things might need substitutions. Truthfully, you won’t be as deprived as you might think.

Coffee and Tea. You can still enjoy your cup-of-Joe in the morning, but if you’re an all-day drinker, you might need to make a change. It’s not the stain factor that will be a problem, but the dehydrating effects of the caffeine can make for a dry mouth. Switch to decaf for the majority of the cups, or be sure to hydrate with plenty of water to keep the mouth moist.

Popcorn. Popcorn can get lodged easily under teeth, and even easier under dentures. We all know how uncomfortable that can be. If you need that salty crunch, consider veggie chips, which are still healthy. Again, be sure to keep the hydration going to avoid a dry mouth.

Chewy Candy. This is bad for all teeth! To get a sweet kick that doesn’t pull out your choppers, switch to sugar-free gum. Look for one that works well with dentures or experiment until you find your best bet. Bonus: gum will help you with saliva production.

Nuts. These healthy treats are not-so-healthy for your dentures. Little pieces can get stuck and cause trouble. Instead, opt for pitted olives, as they provide the same heart-health benefits.

Steak. Steak can be tough to chew in general, but for denture wearers, it can be a mess. If you just can’t live without a good T-bone, try to cut it into very small pieces; you’ll still get the flavor with less work to make it happen. And don’t forget chicken and fish, which are easier to eat.

Fruits and Veggies. Biting into a whole apple might be tricky, but if you cut it into pieces, you can still enjoy that fresh taste. Or, puree the whole fruit or veg to get the vitamins you need. When it comes to corn-on-the-cob, simply cut it off and enjoy by the forkful.

You can live a full life with dentures. You just have to plan accordingly. And if you ever need a repair or a reline, plan on coming to see us at Shine and Island dental Associates. We’ll take care of that for you, quickly and easily, often in the same day. We want you to live the life you love, and love the life you live. Dentures and all.